Avail The Tastiest and Healthiest Khakhras From Us!!


Avail The Tastiest and Healthiest Khakhras From Us!!
About Us

For the Khakhra lovers across the world, we at Mini Gruh Udyog have been bringing a wide range of most aromatic, and quality Khakhras, since 1996. Coming straight from our in-house production area, the variety offered by us is made from 100% whole wheat as we procure & use finest quality of Wheat which contains no Maida. We have been working as a manufacturer and exporter. And, our preparation techniques have made us unique in this domain. We roast Wheat with some edible oils of top quality that makes our Khakhras way more likeable. No compromise has been ever made by us in the quality of material used for producing Chorafali Khakhra, Masala Khakhra, Masala Fafda, Chana Fafda Khakhra, Bajri Methi Garlic Khakhra, Chana Jor Khakhra, Rich Methi Khakhra, Bajri Methi Khakhra and other items. 

We assure that no preservatives or artificial flavors are added in our prepared range. Our experts have always come up with the original taste of natural ingredients to serve healthy & natural food to the respective customers. The offerings from us are also vacuum packed for maintaining their freshness, crispiness and longer shelf-life.

In past decades, our brand, Shreeji has gained wide popularity in the markets of India as well as abroad. We supply our range through FCL exporters. Our offerings have high demands in U.K., U.A.E., Africa, USA, etc., which we look forward to maintaining in future as well. This way, we aim to successfully sustain growth & achieve success in this domain.

Hygiene & Cleanliness

While dealing in food industry, it is important to abide by all standards & policies made by FSSAI. Mini Gruh works in adherence to those standards. And, also takes care of hygiene & cleanliness maintenance. It is our duty to keep the workplace clean for production practices so that, nutritious and hygienic food with High Fiber, Low Fat & Calories can be delivered regularly.

Why Us?

The reasons to choose us for procuring Bajri Methi Garlic Khakhra, Chana Fafda Khakhra, Chana Jor Khakhra, Rich Methi Khakhra, Bajri Methi Khakhra, Chorafali Khakhra, etc. are:
  • Quality controlled work environment
  • Highest quality ingredients are used 
  • Quality assured production 
  • Premium grade packaging
  • Fair prices in the marketplace
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